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  • 1 day, 16 hours ago nigel1975 (22824) PRO
    Thanks to jb70 for making proper instructions for this MOC, thankfully that link still works (the original LDD link does not). I came across this MOC whilst looking for something in construction that was about the right scale for the 'Custom MACK Low Boy trailer' (MOC-13477). I'm building this now and will post some photos.
  • 3 days, 20 hours ago nigel1975 (22824) PRO
    After recently building jb70's RC MOC of the Mack Anthem I have been working my way through building some of the different trailer MOC's on ReBrickable. The Mack low boy is a really nice MOC with good design and functionality. I actually like it a lot more that the Arocs SLT low boy, also from CB, that I built several months ago. At this scale it works much better in terms of overall weight when driving or turning. I also think the manual dolly is preferable to the RC version on the Arocs. All said though they are two very nice MOC's, but this one is more playable. As usual CB has produced very nice instructions and I believe the cost is justified. Only minor change would be to specify how long the studded beams are in each step, I made the mistake several times using the wrong one and had to go back a few steps. I've uploaded several photos with many of the details shown. Now to find some cargo to transport at Mack scale...
  • 5 days, 16 hours ago nigel1975 (22824) PRO
    Enjoyed building this, the diff lock is ingenious. The bodywork is great too. I'd much rather build this than the new Lego x-treme off-roader. Battery and sBrick can easily be changed to BuWizz as well. I uploaded some photos. Thanks again for the instructions.
  • 5 days, 19 hours ago nigel1975 (22824) PRO
    Actually looking at the extra photos on bricksafe its way bigger and heaps more detail... time to research part costs.