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  • I was close to including this, I left a small handful out as I thought it was getting a little long. But I do like that one a lot, thanks for getting it a mention.
  • The only brickheadz i won is the Simpsons set and it totally changed my mind on BH. I loved the little touches, and Krustys Hair was a really nice build technique.
  • Hi, please submit a CR with info regarding your Chrome Silver version. Where you got it from, etc... and a photo would be awesome. 
    Comments are not monitored so changes/additions shouldn’t be requested through them. Thanks, Jared
  • Hi, sorry for not replying sooner. Comment sections are not routinely monitored by Admins so requests for changes to inventories shouldn’t be made here. 
    You can submit a new inventory with your differences through the Submit Inventory tab. Alternatively you can submit a Change Request with minor changes to inventories.  Hope that helps. 
  • Hi, a user has contacted us asking to update part 62462 to correct the colour error. Please can you take a look at the error and check they it is correct. Thanks, Jared