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  • 1 week, 5 days ago drosse Level 21 MOC Designer
    Oh nice, these are some very creative alternates. Your Vic Viper Ariel model is actually one of those I reconstructed. I don't think I've seen the others before though, so I may have found the pictures somewhere else. But I did that a couple of years ago, so my memory might be mistaken.
  • 2 weeks ago drosse Level 21 MOC Designer
    Thnx. I like submarines, so I enjoy this set very much. Some of my alternate models don't use propellers so these could also be envisioned as spaceships as I consider the difference between either not that big if you forego traditional shapes (which I do anyway).
    If you still have your alternates of this set I would love to see them, as there were none posted here on Rebrickable. I have found a few very good ones on the web which I reconstructed based on the pictures, but as they are not my own designs I can't post them.
  • 3 weeks ago drosse Level 21 MOC Designer
    Thnx. I hope to keep on going for a while.
  • 3 weeks, 1 day ago drosse Level 21 MOC Designer
    Thnx. I think that is what I like about alternate builds: You have to use all your creativity to come to a solution for using the available parts and turn them into your own design.
    You should try to get this set. It has very interesting parts and if you check on Bricklink it is not that expensive compared to how many wonderful standard models you can build with it. To me the set is worth much more than what they are selling it for.
  • 3 months ago drosse Level 21 MOC Designer
    Thnx. A good alternate should be a design that is pleasing to look at, not just an exercise in making something different. I've made plenty alternates that were not good enough to make instructions for and put on to Rebrickable, but in general they provided me with a sense of what does or does not work so I can make something better.
    This model surprised me on how well it worked out, because I was just playing with an idea. It's not easy to go beyond the straightforward alternates and create something unexpected that looks good.