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  • 1 month ago clawp1995 Level 12 MOC Designer
    That was my source of inspiration ... and because I don't own any of the new switches I tried to replicate something similar for the old switch type.
    I will edit description.
  • 1 month, 1 week ago clawp1995 Level 12 MOC Designer
    For anyone interested, Madoca seen the future and made this MOC to fit into the 42098 Car Transporter :)
  • 11 months, 2 weeks ago clawp1995 Level 12 MOC Designer
    The suspension worked in a similar manner.
    My only issue was on Ludacrious mode when i was going fast from forward to backwards and back (wiggle mode). The U joint would fall of the axle, but this was a minor inconvenience compared to the fact that i broke 2x sets of cv joints.
    In Slow/Normal mode i did not experienced those falloffs of the joint/axle.
  • 1 year ago clawp1995 Level 12 MOC Designer
    From pain comes purpose.
    If you look at the yearly statistics you are gonna see all the people you have touched along the time and helped. Allot of people have found an escape from an outside hell into this website and got a glimpse of the heaven,  through playing with some memories or channelings his/hers creation into something beautiful. I really hope you gonna recover and feel good about yourself after you gonna see how many persons with or without problems you helped and made their life better.

    Sorry for my bad English skills...
  • 1 year, 5 months ago clawp1995 Level 12 MOC Designer
    Very nice MOC.
    I just finished building it. I  used buwizz ( i have used an extra extension wire, the  2x stacked L motors could not get in there) and Tractor tires.
    The buggy jumps around the room. BUT in 5minute play i managed to break the small pins of the LEGO PART 32494 Technic Steering / CV Joint, making it useless :) LUDACRIOUS MODE FTW...
    I changed the axle to a shorter one and used  LEGO PART 61903 Technic Universal Joint 3L with a axle through the wheel and is better now.