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Have loved LEGO since childhood. I vividly recall playing with my Technic sets and building space themed MOCs. Now, I participate with KLUG in Japan. You can find more about KLUG at https://klug-jp.com/en/about-us/ 


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  • 9 months, 2 weeks ago LoreZyra Level 14 MOC Designer PRO
    Love this!! Now I want to build a dragon that uses this system to "fly" through my Ninjago city!
  • 1 year, 2 months ago LoreZyra Level 14 MOC Designer PRO
    For the price differences, the bit about supply and demand is correct. However, the explanation provided is plain "horse (err) radish..." If the supply is large and the demand is not high, then the price should lower. Not the other way around as explained in TLG response. From a business view, they will try to charge whatever the market will bare. If Belgium is willing to pay more than France, they will simply raise the price in Belgium. TLG is first a business and second a toy company that targets families and kids.
  • 1 year, 4 months ago LoreZyra Level 14 MOC Designer PRO
    Considering that TLG has factories in China, I don't believe it necessary to hack LEGO servers. Rather, they probably have a "mole" in the ranks that work those Chinese factories. Or, even pay someone at the publication/copyright office. Corporate espionage is much easier for the Chinese. Lepin simply needs to pay the right person that works at those factories. It's worth noting that the Chinese knock-offs didn't really start until TLG started building their factories in China. Not that hard to steal the "bad" molds that TLG rejected and use them for Lepin. Likewise, it's trivial for a Chinese worker to walk off with a box and sell it to Lepin.
  • 1 year, 6 months ago LoreZyra Level 14 MOC Designer PRO
    BTW, you could use 3x 32M axles and configure them into a 3-axis (x, y, & z) positioning tool. Add some levers (like a 2x2 round brick with axle hole). Then you can move any object freely within LDD. Just select the elements to free move, add the lever to the selection and move the lever. The object will snap to the axle the lever is moving on.