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  • Yeah. When the model was released 98114 and 98115 were the same price. I think this model kinda depleted Bricklink of (reasonably priced) 98115. 98114 is perfectly usable too. I changed the parts list to 98114 in the hopes to balance Bricklink out a bit haha.
  • I don't know if they have permission or not (though, I doubt it), but they even shamelessy used images from other builders on their page. They couldn't even care to take some pictures themselves? Pfff.
  • Hi! Just wanted to say that I would recommend you change all the green parts to Rebrickable color 'Any Color'. Rebrickable is smart enough to understand that those parts can, in fact, be ANY color and takes that into account when calculating which parts a user has to buy. Furthermore, Bricklink also understands this color and when exporting the parts list to Bricklink (via Rebrickable), the Bricklink auto-buy feature will search for the cheapest combination of stores regardless of color (except for parts that do have a color of course). More information about the feature can be found here:
    It's not a must, just a recommendation :)