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  • 1 day, 19 hours ago KristofPucejdl (2K) MOC Designer
    A decent work on both the model and the instructions! I only see two issues that could be fixed. First, the two 1x1 round tiles with bar in dark grey at the very tip collide with the Light grey 1x2 tile. Second, the 3x3 slope brick does not exist in the new Light (bluish) grey. Only the old light grey and as such is a very uncommon and expensive piece. I think you can work around both of these small problems :) Good luck with that and your future projects!
  • 1 week, 6 days ago KristofPucejdl (2K) MOC Designer
    I love the Claas Harvesters. The plastic model of one just like this was my favorite toy as a kid. I love how this model is simple but does not feel simplistic. It actually looks very realistic and almost reminds me of the spectacular large scale farm equipment models done by Eric Trax, I only wish one could more easily set the height of the cutter, and that there was some option to have its rotation linked to the wheels.
  • 2 weeks, 4 days ago KristofPucejdl (2K) MOC Designer
    Boy... it really feels like this song is in every lego technic moc video :D 

    Besides that, great truck as usual!
  • 2 weeks, 5 days ago KristofPucejdl (2K) MOC Designer
    Using the outer perimeter as the dominant structural element is I think only found in lego playsets (playset ISDs, Venator to some extent). Mind you many of the classical ISD mocs use the sides of the wedge not only as greeble wells but they also fix the top and bottom panels alongside the sides, so technically it's also structural. With Venator it's more common to have the panels fixed to the center, and only have the sides as greebles.

    In my model you won't really find any central spine - there is so little space that the whole thing is basically a clamshell, featuring this kind of self-supporting frame that runs along the top hangar all the way back to the back end of the bridge, and on the bottom along the central line. There is a little bit of the center structure at the back, where the engines mount and also the back portion of the greebling... it's interesting :D Not really like your typical star destroyer construction.
  • 2 weeks, 5 days ago KristofPucejdl (2K) MOC Designer
    Thanks Rose! Well, it very much depends on what one considers a meaningful playable interior. Certainly we are not talking minifig compatible interior. If you recall the Lego Venator playset (8039), that one was about 1.5 times longer than my model and sure enough, it did include some interior. But for one I don't think it was a particularly useful one, and second, it came at a high cost of heavily distorted proportions of the ship.

    And that is a big issue number one. Venator is relatively flat and unless you increase its overall size quite a bit, you won't have sufficient vertical space in its hull to really include anything.

    So maybe let's try some micro-scaled interior. maybe some rooms... hangars and such which are scaled closer to the actual size of the model. Well, unfortunately, there is a second issue that usually comes up - A need for structural rigidity. Smaller models like mine use up all their internal space for the internal structure. connections of different sub-builds which have to connect at different angles and directions.

    A slightly larger model would, in theory, leave a little more space, but then it also needs more reinforcement due to larger dimensions and weights of the subassemblies. There is a very popular size of a Venator model, which was I think first introduced by Hans Schloemer (see at the bottom of this page), who is now a pro Lego designer! That size is about twice as large in each direction compared to mine. Still, there have been very few successful attempts for implementing any kind of interior. I believe there were several people who somehow included the 'opening' top hangar which included some tiling inside and several 1x1 studs to represent some vehicles and smaller starships... :) Even then, I would hardly call it playable - careful removal of some fragile panels to unveil some tiny ambiguous detailing. And that's always gonna be the case, I think anyway.
    Unless you go very large. Large enough so you can use semi-realistic construction style in a sense that you have some structural elements and then enough space for fitting some rooms and stuff inside. And for that, my estimate in this particular case of Venator is really four times the length of my model :) And then you are likely looking at >20k piece model.