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  • 4 days, 13 hours ago Jorre79 Level 16 PRO
    Very cool! I will definitely build it!
    Any idea how it looks next to the 42100 Liebherr? :-)
  • 2 weeks, 5 days ago Jorre79 Level 16 PRO
    Very nice!
    Would be fantastic in some sort of "light olive green" instead of yellow, but unfortunately this color doesn't exist for those pieces ;-)
  • 1 month ago Jorre79 Level 16 PRO
    I must agree, the shape of this roadster just nailed it!
    I bought the LDD and built it. It was quite an adventure, although I have some experience using LDD files. But the result is stunning! It's a nice lightweight roadster with fantastic performance!
    Only one comment on the LDD file: it's not clear which axles connect the differential with the U-joints: 4L axles are half a stud too long and 3L axles are half a stud too short, regarding the use of the 32123b bushes in the centre of the differential. 
    Anyway, thanks for sharing!