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Moc Pageshttp://moc-pages.com/home.php/128710

You can find more of real photos of my lego mocs (and some of them with ldd files) here http://moc-pages.com/home.php/128710

If you interested in getting for instruction for one of these mocs then leave a message there (especially if you willing to share a couple of bucks for it).

Even small moc instruction takes time and work to create yet you still can get them for free. But if you enjoyed building one of my mocs and belive that good work has to be rewarded you can always send donation through paypal on paypal.me/legoenot

Igor X

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  • 3 months ago Igor X (12578) MOC Designer
    I think it looks even better than official sets of the same theme.
  • 3 months, 1 week ago Igor X (12578) MOC Designer
    Usually buy them on 50% sale so i can get 2 same ones for the price of one. One is to keep on the shelf while the other goes for pieces... ofcourse after some time the one that was standing on the shelf goes for pieces as well.
  • 5 months, 3 weeks ago Igor X (12578) MOC Designer
    Thank you for the good words. Designing this "series" of brickheadz mocs turned to be an interesting task.