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I'm a freelance creative consultant by day and a lapsed creative artist by night.
I emerged from my Lego dark ages in 2014 when my son graduated from duplo to 'little lego'. (His twitter: https://twitter.com/thingsmysonmade?lang=en-gb). Back then it was retro space lego all the way! His lego collection now outpaces mine - but I get commissioned to play with his lego for more ambitious projects.
I can't see that any toy could supersede lego - it is a toy which you can use to make your own toys!


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  • 4 months, 4 weeks ago I_AM_sketchbook (122) MOC Designer
    More Than Meets The Brick!

    Like it - I should have thought of that for the write-up!
  • 5 months ago I_AM_sketchbook (122) MOC Designer
    Thanks for comments so far. Glad people like it. 
    I was limited in pieces to my son's lego collection - but did end up sourcing some extra pieces to finish it (the first time I've felt this was warranted to complete a MOC so far!). The INSPIRATION was the G1 shape and transform sequence. A subscriber on YouTube mentioned that the truck looks like the OshKosh HET military truck: https://oshkoshdefense.com/vehicles/het/ 
    I wanted it to seem like Optimus Prime could have rescanned the Ultra Agents Mission HQ: https://rebrickable.com/sets/70165-1/ultra-agents-mission-hq/#parts
    Thanks for the likes!