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  • 3 weeks, 1 day ago Frank_van_der_Most (2943) MOC Designer
    What I find so fascinating about these regular shapes is that they stand by themselves. I noticed you used the friction-less 3L pins. This means that when one starts assembling the thing, it is very loose and 'flappy'. One can put the first three (or four, or more?) pentagons flat on the table. Some will loose their shape because of that. But then with each additional pentagon that you add, it forces the overall construction to slowly turn into a ball and all the pentagons become regular shapes.
  • 3 weeks, 1 day ago Frank_van_der_Most (2943) MOC Designer
    Nice!! I love what you do with the colors! Each time I see your designs, they remind me to invest in expanding my technic Lego collection with more colors! Thanks for referring! I feel honored and made some references back.
  • 4 weeks ago Frank_van_der_Most (2943) MOC Designer
    With apologies to everybody who tried to download the design. Today I noticed that the link on my website didn't work anymore. It is fixed now.