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  • 3 days, 3 hours ago Bundy (1618) MOC Designer
    HI Nicolaus,
    it is a normal 3x3x3 cube. The standard mesurement of the cube is 5,7cm (2 1/4") each side.
  • 3 days, 3 hours ago Bundy (1618) MOC Designer
    Hi Daewon,
    thanks for your interest in the model. I guess you are looking for the orange brick wich gives the position of the motor B rotation. You can find this programming block within the orange menu (2nd from the left) as one of the blocks further to the right of the menu.
    If this didn't help, you can also write me an e-mail with a screenshot of your problem to the e-mail-address mentioned on the first pages of the book. I can then also answer with a screenshot of how to solve your problem. In some cases, some blocks do not appear in the app after an update has been performed. In this case, a re-install of the app has helped a few users.
    If I was able to help and if you like the book, I would be pleased, if you could post a comment on Amazon. Many Thanks & Happy play!
  • 1 month, 2 weeks ago Bundy (1618) MOC Designer
    Hi Caroline,
    many thanks for your feedback. Great that you like the book!
    I am not sure if understand you problem well enough, but let's try:
    1) First of all, you have to make sure that you switched on the "Expert mode" by selecting the "3 stacked plates" as the level for your program. See chapter "Porgramming for Experts" on page 7.
    2) The "report color sensor block" should then be in the Orange Menu (second from the left). In there, it is the third block from the left.

    Please specify your problem more in detail if this explanation did not help. I send you an e-mail with an attachment for more details.

    All the Best,
  • 3 months ago Bundy (1618) MOC Designer
    Hi Vasari, thanks for your interest in the model. Did you make sure to set your program to the Expert mode as described at the beginning od the Coding instructions? Only then are you able to see all programming blocks. On the creative canvas (outside of your programming, behind the window shade) you have to "edit" your program icon and tab the two lego plates and select the 3 stacked lego plates for live 3 = Expert level. Please see the instructions for a more detailed description with pictures...I hope this helps, Bjoern
  • 5 months ago Bundy (1618) MOC Designer
    Thanks for the video! Great that you tried the python version. I guess you are one of the very few brave ones to not only use the LEGO app.