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Welcome to my profile!

Playing with LEGO as a kid (Fabuland, classic space, studded technic) I entered my dark ages in the early 90s and saw the light again in 2012.

My focus is more on the system LEGO than on the technic stuff. About anything can inspire me to make some MOC, but I have a soft spot for Neo Classic Space.

My instructions are not the best you can get, but hey, they're free! I'm not a photographer, nor a digital designer and I want to touch my computer as few as possible when I'm doing my LEGO-stuff. My MOCs are sturdy and buildable (and mostly cat-proof). I try to keep in mind which parts are easy to find and to select the parts in such a way confusion is less likely (like limiting the amount of different parts).

That said, if you have any questions: feel free to ask. I'm always willing to clear up things or improve.

If you want to express your appreciation of my work, please consider a donation for a cause a warmly recommend: Free Domain Radio from Stefan Molyneux. Promotion for rationality, virtue, freedom and non-violence:


Recent Comments

  • 1 month, 1 week ago Bolbuyk (11K) MOC Designer
    Carrot roof, awesome!
  • 2 months, 1 week ago Bolbuyk (11K) MOC Designer
    You nailed it, very awesome. Also your attention to the stand with the burning acid. Parts needed are actually not that much for such a model and most are very common.
  • 4 months, 2 weeks ago Bolbuyk (11K) MOC Designer
    Wow, I already see a lot of interesting SNOT-techniques. I want this one!
  • 5 months, 2 weeks ago Bolbuyk (11K) MOC Designer
    Nice. Instructions very clear!