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Several minor variations of this part exist:

  • Axle holes of Type 2 (X opening).

  • Axle holes of Type 1 (+ opening). Some parts may lack number 2 on one of two sides (refer to the photo below).

Available Colors

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Click on a colored part below to see the Sets and MOCs that use part 32034 Technic Axle and Pin Connector Angled #2 - 180° in that color. You can find an overview of all LEGO Colors here.

If a color is missing, it probably needs to be added to a Set Inventory.

This part has been used by MOCs in the following colors but not officially released.


  • 1 year, 4 months ago DarkWizard (1518) MOC Designer
    After some research I figured that this is the first MOC to fit a minifigure and to have a movable door like that! The others don't fit in minifigures. Congratulation!
    • 1 year, 4 months ago Turbo8702 (84862) MOC Designer PRO
      Thank you! Do you mean in the competition or just 31056 alts in general?
      • 1 year, 4 months ago DarkWizard (1518) MOC Designer
        In general. Either way, you still win!
  • 1 year, 4 months ago TeagueO (35644) MOC Designer
    It took me about a full minute to realize the horseshoe was on the minifig not the windscreen XD gj with this MOC also!
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