Hi, here are long overdue instructions for my Tractor Dump Trailer MOC.

It was build to attach to the Effermans motorized version of the set 42054, but can be also used with the original set design - however, the original set has a one direction PTO only, so adtitional gearbox for controling the rotation of PTO should be added. I think the best way might be to modify the original set under the hood to use the battery box as a direction switch for the PTO, although I cannot confirm that all other motorised functions will work properly in both directions.
With some modification of the hitch it could be used with any tractor with working rear PTO. I advise you to use hard springs on the rear axle and regular (soft) springs on the other two. The trickiest part is getting the string lined corectly - I hope the photos and some comments on them explain it good enough. When the bed is lowered, keep the string tensed a bit all the time in orther not to get it all tangled up! You can read more about this MOC on EB forum - I hope you enjoy the build, although it is not as refined / optimized as it could be.


Name Tractor Dump Trailer (for Claas Xerion 5000 TRAC VC - 42054 set)
Designer MajklSpajkl
Designed 2016
Parts 2249
Theme Technic
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