Valuable Transport




This truck is designed for Eurobricks TC7 Bandits vs. Enforcers competition, where the aim was to build any vehicle that has a normal mode and a battle mode. The normal mode has to look as normal as possible, and it must deploy to a battle mode where it has weapons. My subject of choice was a four-axle cash transport truck, the heaviest variant really existing by Dutch secured transport company G4S, where the cargo bay iwll hold an artillery-like, or anti-aircraft-like weapon system with two parallel rotatable guns that actually shoot. During transition, the whole sides will fold down to create a launching platform for said weapons. All this is powered by a single M motor via a three-function switchbox, all in a 13-stud wide truck. Unfortunately, this is SLOW. As in, it takes a whole minute. As a bonus the two seats rotate with the mechanism so the driver and passenger can see the guns in deployed mode. To make everything fit, there is a slight notch in one of the eight wheel arches, so take care of that when building it (the two large side panels differ at this one place).

The features, again, but in list-form:
Manual slider to lock the side panels
Switchbox driven by M motor with levers inside. As everything is inside, all you can do is deploy, so you can only reach the levers in deployed state.
Powered Function 1: Deploy. This one function uses 9 worm gears.
Powered Function 2. Rotate weapons
Powered Function 3. Raise weapons
Manual: steering on axles 1, 2 and 4
Manual: shoot the weapons (spring-loaded; every weapon has 3 bullets)
Double tyres on axle 3
Ground clearance is less than a stud.
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Name Valuable Transport
Designer ErikLeppen
Designed 2015
Inventory 2586 parts
Theme Technic > Model > Traffic
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