8066 C model




My first C model. I bought my 4 yr old son some second hand lego, which contained 3 complete technic sets. Since he is to young for them I put the technic aside to give away to others.. But not before I had a go with it.
This C model was the result of it. Lots of fun building, rebuilding, rebuilding untill I decided to not spend anymore time on it.

it has rear suspension, exhaustpipes, some enige details and steering. The steering is limited but thanks to the short wheelbase it's very playable. I'm in the proces of rendering some hires images, as soon as they are done, they will be added to my images on bricksafe.

19-2-2016 I found an issue in the lxf file. I fixed this and I used Blueprint to create instructions that look a lot better now then the generated pages from LDD.
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Name 8066 C model
Designer whuismans
Designed 2016
Inventory 124 parts
Theme Technic
Alternate Build of 8066-1 Off-Roader
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