42039 B - SUV Racer Modified RC with Sbrick




Trying to modified 42039 B with RC : using Sbrick (not included in inventory list).

This building instruction and inventory list is created for black colour car (picture above) and please note this is not 100% using parts from 42039 because i using my availability stock. Please using feature "Compare Lego Sets/List" if you want to see the parts which exclude from 42039 parts.

For roof, i try to using 18945 - Technic Panel 5x11x1 Tapered (from 42066 - Air Race Jet), but you can easily to change with 64782 - Technic Panel 1x5x11 (see yellow car).

For Sbrick, i using extention cable 50cm because i dont have 20cm, but when build, you can using 20cm.

For tyres, in inventory list, i attach 44771 - Tyre 68.8x36 ZR which original from set 42039, but in picture above, i using RC tyres for black car and batpod tyres (18450f - Tyre 81.6x44 R) for yellow car.

I trying to build in 3 different colour, and i think this car give us the opportunity to build in many colour.

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Name 42039 B - SUV Racer Modified RC with Sbrick
Designer dede_aja_tuh
Designed 2019
Inventory 1038 parts
Theme Technic
Modification of 42039-1 24 Hours Race Car
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