4506 Hunter & Tracker




This pair of models have obviously been inspired by the Star Wars Tie Fighter, while not aiming to really reproduce the designs, which came about when I saw an official small rendition which contained parts which I recognized from this set. Initially I only went for the so-called Tracker model, trying to keep it relatively small so I could maintain a decent color scheme of white and black with some darkblue and darkgrey. The first rendition didn't have the wing plates, just the curved slopes, but adding them made the shape from fluid. I tinkered most of my time on the back end with the engine section, but overall it was an easy build.

The second model, the so-called Hunter model, I added a day later when I looked through the abundant leftover parts and saw things that I considered possible to create another version, albeit with a more limited scope. I first focused on the body, which, being similar to the Tracker model, went quite easily. I focused on using red and light grey parts but only the white reverse cover combined well with the red cover. More troublesome were the outer extensions. They couldn't be wings so they had to be something like engines or guns. I played with different configurations as I was lacking well fitting parts. I think the final result looks quite nice. As a Hunter, or perhaps better named Bandit, the patchy colors give it a more worn and rough feeling, adding to the character of the model. It looks more menacing so that fits well.

I am always happy if I can create multiple models from a larger set. As a pair they provide great opportunity for playability and they are fairly easy to make.
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Name 4506 Hunter & Tracker
Designer drosse
Designed 2019
Inventory 148
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4506-1 Deep Sea Predators
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