31058 - Cuttlefish




Alternate  #8 for 31058 - Cuttlefish
These are fascinating creatures. There are indications that they are highly intelligent. They can change colors in strobing patterns, and they use that for camouflage, capturing prey and apparently - communication.
When I look at these, I don't wonder why the most demonic or alien creatures are pictured as tentacled monstrosities - and I am not alone in that - check out this comic by XKCD

 - Two large tentacles complete with claws
 - 4 small prehensile tentacles around mouth.
 - I endavoured to try and simulate the peripheral fin that cephaplopds have around their heads. 
 - Sturdy, Posable and Playable - and educational ;)

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Name 31058 - Cuttlefish
Designer LegoOri
Designed 2018
Inventory 125 parts
Theme Creator > Model > Creature
Alternate Build of 31058-1 Mighty Dinosaurs
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