NY Modular Skyscraper




Hi, this is my Second Official Building after French palace: SBD 10002 NY Skyscraper

The construction Represents a skyscraper existing in NEW YORK.

16.252 Bricks. But if you decided to build only 6 or 12 floors there are less!!!!

6 baseplate 32x32 so it's perfect on your own city!!!

18 Floor Height 150cm but there is no limit!!! You could furnish each floor!!!

Perfectly stable, the building has a cross inside that allows the stability. The pillars are completely optional as the building stands perfectly in the center.

To verify the feasibility personally I built only the structure of the skyscraper as you can see from the photo. By my calculations you arrive until you have 60 floors and maintain stability perfectly. The cat is not in the instructions!! ahaha :-)

It’s a Modular building as you can see in photos! Divided in 5 Block so you could easily move it where you want!
You can decide how much to make it up, you can repeat several times the interlude floors.
The pattern you see in the picture has 18 floors (3 Block, each Block 6 floors), a ground floor, a complete fire scene.

The interlude floors also has the possibility to have a scene with fire as you can see from the photo. The smoke of the fire is removable and changed with windows so you do not have to rebuild the whole floors if you get tired of the scene with fire.

The instructions included:

The Complete skyscraper (instruction Step by Step with necessary pieces divided in 5 Block, Total List of pieces and total list of pieces divided for block, XML file to import bricks in your own wanted list on BrickLink divided for 5 Blocks or Entire).

The smoke of the fire

antenna and all forniture of the roof

Window cleaner


Firefighters are excluded because they are an original set Lego.

Minifig are excluded

It's a big construction but don't worry this instruction are divided by section

Instruction made with LPub, Project with Ldraw Bricksmith, render by LdView. Let's go to see it!!! Find it on my store in BrickLink (Instruction or modular building section STEBRICK) Ask me for more photos!!!

You can buy INSTRUCTIONS, 3D FILE AND "ALL THE PIECES TO BUILD IT" at my store on BrickLink:

Just some photos! Go to my flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/stebrick/sets/72157644274500974/with/13995429374/

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Name NY Modular Skyscraper
Designed 2014
Inventory 16256 parts
Theme Modular Buildings
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Building Instructions For Sale

This is a Premium MOC, and the instructions to build it are being sold by the designer (STEBRICK)

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