Planet Orrery with shining Sun (MOD)




Modification of this Planet Orrery:

Orrery simulates:
1, Sun rotation,
2, Earth orbit,
3, Earth rotation,
4, tilt of Earth axis
5, Moon orbit,
6, Moon rotation.

A rotating Sun can be used to show rotation of Sun. A shining Sun can be
used to show phases of moon, illumination of Earth during seasons, polar
day/night, lunar or solar eclipse.
Either motor or hand can be used to rotate orrery.
Model deficiencies: Moon eclipse comes every single orbit of moon due to
limited size of the model. New moon always cause solar eclipse due to limited
size of the model. Sun rotation is independent on latitude.
Orrery was modeled by Ryu Wakimoto. and modified by KaeroDot.
Modifications are: removed cover of the stand to show internal gears,
added shining Sun and other small changes.

All source files are at:
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Name Planet Orrery with shining Sun (MOD)
Designer Kaero
Designed 2017
Inventory 982 parts
Theme Technic
Modification of MOC-9044 Planet Orrery
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