Ultimate 42009




Fully remote-controlled motorized modification for the 42009 Mobile Crane Mk II set. All the essential functions of the crane were motorized, which are:
* Driving (1x XL-motor)
* Steering (1x M-motor)
* Outriggers (1x M-motor)
* Outrigger-legs (1x M-motor)
* Lifting/lowering boom (1x L-motor)
* Extending/retracting boom (1x L-motor)
* Lifting/lowering hook (1x M-motor)
* Upperstructure 360+ degree rotation (1x M-motor)

Funtions that were improved:
* Boom extends further. Max boom-length 96 studs
* Boom retractrs further
* Better steering-lock
* Solid metal hook
* Increased lifting power
* Faster outriggers
* More efficient drivetrains

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Name Ultimate 42009
Designer JurgenKrooshoop
Designed 2013
Parts 2609
Theme Technic
Modification of 42009-1 Mobile Crane MK II
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Submitted by mbalgooi PRO March 3, 2019
Submitted by ApoqeuM Jan. 27, 2019
... and most importantly: I added the drive axle suspension to improve traction :)
Submitted by ApoqeuM Jan. 27, 2019
M-motor replaced by Servo Motor, for steering. Now wheels returne to center.
Submitted by ApoqeuM Jan. 27, 2019
... slight modification of superstructure at the battery pack
Submitted by ApoqeuM Jan. 27, 2019
Small mod of cabin, plus two extra LED on superstructure and at the back of the vehicle ...
Submitted by Chilekesh Sept. 19, 2018
Submitted by FernandoQ July 15, 2018
Submitted by mitx2529 June 8, 2018
full legth
Submitted by mitx2529 June 8, 2018
side appearance
remote control replace by switch control
Submitted by mitx2529 June 8, 2018
side view
outrigger control by control switch  wthich are hidden in engine room
Submitted by mitx2529 June 8, 2018
45 degree angle
Submitted by Baldwin PRO March 17, 2018
Submitted by nigel1975 PRO Feb. 26, 2018
Built this four years ago, it was the Lego Technic set that brought me back from the dark ages. The first MOC I sourced parts for and made fully RC.
Submitted by FernandoQ Dec. 21, 2017
Submitted by the.geremy Sept. 18, 2017
Submitted by jokey02 Sept. 13, 2017
Submitted by shijialin88 June 8, 2017