What would you like to talk to us about?

Want to buy Sets/MOCs/Parts?
A question about a MOC?
Post your question as a comment on the MOC so the actual MOC Designer can see it and answer you.
Suggestion for improvement?
Use the Suggestions Forum, or perhaps the API Forum.
Found a bug?
use the Bugs Forum.
Change required to a set/part details?
If you are suggesting a change or fix to set or part details, please use the 'Submit Change' link on each set page or use the forum.
General question?
Take a look through the Forum to see if it has already been asked, or try the or FAQ page.

If you need something else you may contact the creator of Rebrickable (Nathan Thom) via e-mail to [email protected]. Note that due to the high volume of emails received you might not get an immediate reply. We will do our best to get back to you though.