I was able to get my hands on this 2015 Technic flagship set (thanks to Kim from the LEGO CEE team!) for review. It does not have as many parts as previous flagship models, but is still a huge set.

Box Contents

The box contains:

  • 13 x unnumbered bags of parts.
  • 4 x 68 x 36 Tyres.
  • Plastic wrapped bound instructions booklet + sticker sheet with cardboard backing.

See the full inventory of 1177 parts.

Like the Detective's Office, the building instructions in 42039 come in a single bound book. There are 254 pages. The below photo was taken after finishing the build, the front page is a little bent but otherwise it's still in good condition.


As a large new Technic set, there is the usual assortment of new parts and colors to be found in this set.

So plenty of new Bright Green parts in this set, although I'm not too sure how popular that color will be with Technic builds.


The build starts with the rear axle. The V8 engine is at the rear which can be seen in the completed build when the rear end gets raised via the manual wheel or optional power functions. I still think the V8 engine design is getting dated and boring, it would be nice to see something a little different one day.

Then the front axle is built up along with the internal framework.

Pretty quickly, you get a feel for the true size of this car. By this stage, the majority of the framework is actually complete.

Compared to other large super cars (eg 8070), this one is pretty light on the internal framework. It has a LOT of panels to make up the body though.

The new curved panels are used here as the wheel arches, which I guess will end up being their main use. But I'm sure there are plenty of creative MOCers out there that can come up with something else.

The new 3L driving ring/clutch parts power the two main functions in this set - raising/lowering the gull wing doors, or raising/lowering the rear engine cover. The front bonnet can also be raised to show off the lack of a front engine.

The last few pages in the instructions show you how to use the Power Functions accessory pack to modify it. All they do is motorise the raising/lowering of the gull wing doors and rear cover, plus add some lights to the front. While nice, I'm pretty sure most people want to see the car actually drive!


It seems pretty standard for Technic sets to contain a lot of stickers. With this car being a sponsored racing car, it's obviously going to have quite a lot of them.

However, stickers also reduce the reuse-ability of your parts - especially all these nice new panels. For this reason, a lot of AFOLs never apply stickers. For this build I decided to leave them off until the very end so I could compare the completed model with and without stickers.

What do you think? With or without stickers? By the way, the stickers on the inside rims of the tyres are a pain to apply. I had real trouble getting them lined up nicely.


This Racing Car looks great (except the side-on view, that just looks weird!), I'm not sure if it's supposed to be based on any specific model? I like that it has a very low clearance as a super car should. The suspension is hard but probably needs to be harder for something so low to the ground.

The internal framework is pretty minimal - instead relying on the 47 (!) panels to cover up the inside and make it look good. This works fine, and also helps keep the car lighter than you'd expect at 1.21 kg.

I think the stickers give it the character it needs to become a true racing car - without them, it's just a bright green expensive looking car. However keep in mind that 17 out of the 26 new bright green panels get covered in them! Not great if you want to use them for other projects.

The B-model is a racing truck, which kind of looks like a Hummer to me. From the single image on the box, it looks pretty neat and I will build it after I'm done with a few more reviews :)

For lots more photos taken during the review of this set see my Bricksafe page.

This set is supposed to have been available from 1st January 2015 at LEGO Shop (US) for £99.99 but is currently out of stock, or you can keep an eye on other store's prices and sales history here.


  • 2 months, 1 week ago SNOTTYBOY Level 12 MOC Designer
    I think the main model of all sets looks way better with the stickers, but when you try to build something else with thepieces it just gets in the way.
  • 5 years, 1 month ago dagupa Level 16 MOC Designer
    To you guys that know almost everything: What could be the reason that this set has not been released in the US Store?
  • 5 years, 1 month ago Bolbuyk Level 18 MOC Designer
    When I saw this car first on the picture I was quite excited, mainly because of the green panels which would nicely add to the panels of the service truck (42008). However appearing that the color is bright green instead of standard green this is no longer a plus.
    And those piston engines, well we can make these eye-shut I think.
    So I think I let this one go, maybe not if I find it for a very low price.
  • 5 years, 1 month ago Castleguy121 Level 9 MOC Designer
    Thanks for the review! Personally I think it looks better with the stickers, but more than good enough without them. As someone who would use the parts in MOCs, I think I'd skip the stickers.
    I'm not a big car fan, but the curves, angles and general shape of the car look quite unique after the many F1's TLG has given us in the past.
    I hope I can afford this one. :)
    Any word on US pricing?
  • 5 years, 1 month ago therealjustin Level 11 MOC Designer
    Thanks for the review!

    I was looking forward to adding this set because a large endurance race car sounded like a great idea but the final version is terrible. The awkward fender panels should have been flex axles and for some reason the large wheels get lost in the design. It is not a good looking car.

    The only reason to buy this car is for the green parts and thankfully I don't need them. Bring on the 2H 2015 sets.
  • 5 years, 1 month ago captainmib Level 9 MOC Designer
    Great review, with amazing pictures. Clean and crisp.
    Almost looks rendered.

    I really like these kind of racing cars, but I have to agree with the other opinions here:
    There's not much going on with way to many panels.

    8070 wins this hands down.
  • 5 years, 1 month ago Mestari Level 13 MOC Designer
    A pass. I'm only going to buy some specific parts from it. I'm still waiting for a proper super car...
  • 5 years, 1 month ago TobyMac Level 32 Inventory Admin ADMIN
    First impression:
    - To much paneling. Not a fan op panels. I don't mind a panel or 2 for a better look, but this is way over the top
    - For a flagship is has to few functions, and the functions that are there are not original (see for instants 8070)
    - I think the design is a bit messy, there is not a nice line to it, more a collection of panels that don't really fit together.

    Conclusion: Lets hope H215 brings something better.
    • 5 years, 1 month ago jantjeuh Level 28 PRO
      100% agree. I also think the preliminary version shown in the leaked confidential images looked a LOT better.
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