October had quite a few fixes as usual, plus one major new feature in the Buy Sets page. We also saw a record number of users on the site with 100K+ unique users and 1M+ page views which is nearly twice the number from October last year.


Something that's not really a change, but I was happy to see that Brickset has started showing the Alternate Builds from Rebrickable on their set details pages. So, MOC authors can now get more exposure to their great models.

  • New feature: Buy Sets and Price History pages

  • Part Images - the order in which it determines which image to show for parts has been tweaked. I think we will stick with using the LEGO Element images over LDraw where available. It should be smarter now at showing a relevant image instead of nothing.

  • Now displaying subparts/pairs/etc in all part popups and detail pages. Also various tweaks and fixes to the layout.

  • Now always displaying external part ids even when they are the same.

  • Designers (MOC submitters) can now change their info and even the URLs for their MOCs.

  • API - new get_element function

  • Added a new analytics chart to designer's pages showing them total views per day for all their MOCs.

  • Bricksafe - some fixes to the reuse of unactivated accounts, and added more disk space (yay it's growing!).

  • Admin - some tweaks to display of element ids and performance improvements for some operations. Also, admins can also edit pending set submissions now.


  • Set URLs are now updated properly after set renames etc.

  • Various IE rendering fixes (sigh).

  • Fixed changing part type (normal vs spare) in inventories.

  • Fixed special character handling in MOC urls.

  • Designer MOC count is now correct.

  • MOC notification emails no longer sent if the user unsubscribes between the MOC being added and the scheduled email job runs.

  • Fixed some XML formatting issues in some API calls.

  • Renaming set IDs now properly includes the ignored set lists.

  • Updating inventories now clear the relevant part caches so the updated part's list of sets is visible immediately.

  • Approving new sets with new parts will clear the relevant part caches so they do not show up with unused part errors.

  • MOC Designer now loads and allows editing of parts properly after the initial save, without requiring a refresh.

  • Deleting Private MOCs is no longer audited.

  • API - fix duplicate json output with get_colors.

  • Add to My Sets button now works again in pick_sets.

  • Can now delete sets with . in their name from setlists.

  • Search Parts - filtering on a color no longer includes parts that are in private MOCs.

  • Admin - can now remove part mappings with hyphens in the part name.

  • Admin - reloading of part mappings after changes is always correct now.

  • Admin - renaming set ids handles updating set tags properly.

  • Part popups/details now show the Rebrickable ID properly

  • Changing avatar images will now immediately show the new image instead of waiting for the Cloudflare cache to purge.


  • 5 years, 5 months ago jantjeuh Level 28 PRO
    Good work as usual, Nathan :) I love the 'Alternate Builds' integration that Brickset now offers, hope to see more Brickset users uploading their creations here!
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