Rebrickable is running another alternate build competition. Simply create and submit a MOC using only the parts from a single set from the list of choices below. If your submission gets the most votes at the end of the month, you win $100!


Choose ONE of the following:

31004 - Fierce Flyer
42004 - Mini Backhoe
70500 - Kai's Fire Mech
75002 - AT-RT
75003 - A-wing Starfighter

If you think one of the inventories for these sets are incorrect, please let me know.

There are LXF files on Eurobricks for these 5 models if you wish to use them as a starting point. However, be aware that we have not checked them for accuracy and it is your responsibility to ensure your parts list is correct before submitting. If you do find a problem with one of them, please post in the forum to help others.

Update: Biodreamer has kindly uploaded new versions of the LDD files that are easier to build with at his Bricksafe page.


  1. All parts in your MOC must come from a single set, chosen from the above list
  2. You must submit your MOC before the end of December
  3. Voting will take place in the first week of January in the forums
  4. Voting will be done publicly and people will need to pick their top 3 entries
  5. Only a single entry per user will be considered for voting (you may submit multiple, but choose one as the final one)
  6. The MOC must be a new creation you have designed yourself
  7. Digital models are allowed, provided the parts are correct during submission (I would suggest leaving out any minifigs if submitting a digital model)
  8. Submissions can be talked about on the forum during the month, but voting will not start until EOM
  9. As with all MOCs on Rebrickable, your submission must have building instructions and a parts list. There are many acceptable forms of instructions, check out this guide to help you.

If necessary, please review the guide for submitting a MOC.

The winner will receive a gift certificate from their choice of either Amazon or eBay for the equivalent of US$100 in their currency of choice.


  • 6 years, 3 months ago mitch Level 12 MOC Designer
    how do i participate, actually? I mean, after my MOC is approved, what do i need to do further? Thanx for any reply
    • 6 years, 3 months ago theskirrid Level 30 MOC Designer ADMIN
      Once it's approved keep designing! Keep an eye on the forums for the voting thread - and good luck!
  • 6 years, 3 months ago DamonMM2000 Level 6
    Nice competition, although I don't have any these sets. It is OK to build with different colors while same pieces? I'd like the NeXT competition to include re-building with the LEGO Technic Grand Prix Racer set. It would be greatly appreciated.
  • 6 years, 3 months ago Purge Level 13 MOC Designer
    SO good to see Rebrickable holding competitions like this. The more people brought to this site the better. It's one of the best LEGO sites out there and I do my part to spread the message. Hopefully it grows even more!
    • 6 years, 3 months ago Nathan Level 28 Site Admin ADMIN
      brick link?
      • 6 years, 3 months ago Purge Level 13 MOC Designer
        Geeeeez what on earth did I write. I meant Rebrickable. I was thinking to myself while I wrote that how good it would be if this website grew to allow buying/selling. Freudian typing :-D
  • 6 years, 4 months ago biodreamer Level 21 MOC Designer PRO
    I have or is going to uploaded suitable .lxf files for the sets here:


    No need to pull anything apart before building, just start putting all the pieces together. Except for 31004 there will be a chance that you need to do minor replacement to the inventory before submitting. such as change print or change cog model.
  • 6 years, 4 months ago DLuders Level 20 MOC Designer
    I like the variety of theme choices among the 2013 sets offered. Be advised that the LDD .lxf file for the 42004 Mini Backhoe does not seem to be available on Eurobricks; if someone has a direct link to one, please post the URL. One is available on marco9999's Brickshelf gallery http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=458680 . His LDD .lxf file only had 245 parts, while Rebrickable, Brickset, and Bricklink all say that it's supposed to have 246 parts. I used the "Export BOM" tool within LDD to look at the Bill of Materials and compared it to Bricklink's 42004 set inventory. Since LDD used a "Mini Turntable Assembly" (2 parts that cannot be separated within LDD), there is no discrepancy in the number of parts. marco9999's LDD .lxf file seems to be correct. Also note that LDD uses the older-type, 3647 8-Tooth Technic Gear and not the correct 10928 TYPE 2 8-Tooth Technic Gear; they both function the same so the contest's Alternate MOC won't be affected.

    According to the Bricklink parts inventory, there are these "Extra Parts" supplied with the physical 42004 set but which do not appear in marco9999's LDD .lxf file -- maybe they would be useful for the alternate MOC:
    1 ea. 2780 black Technic Pin with Friction;
    1 ea. 3713 light bluish gray Technic Bush;
    1 ea. 4274 light bluish gray Technic 1/2 Pin;
    1 ea. 4073 trans-clear Round 1x1 Plate; and
    1 ea. 4265c yellow Technic 1/2 Bush.
    SO, there are actually 246 parts needed to build the standard 42004 Mini Backhoe + 5 Extra Parts that come in the box = 251 parts total.
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