Well the first ever Rebrickable competition is over and it's time to start voting for the winner.

We had 17 alternate build MOCs of the 6866 Wolverine's Chopper Showdown submitted, of which 10 are in the running for the $100 prize. The remaining 7 were additional entries by the same designers and we limited it to a maximum of two entries per person.

So jump over here in the forum to place your vote for the MOC you like the most. I am not setting any criteria, just pick the one that you think is best based on whatever criteria you decide :)

Voting will run for a week, ending on 7th November.


MOC-0927 - Wolverine Airlift (by David Luders)


MOC-0929 - Wolverine Cargo Cablecart (by biodreamer)


MOC-0931 - Transformer with Hovercraft (by biodreamer)


MOC-0939 - Magnetos Drone Tank (by marinod1310)


MOC-0949 - Stumpy (by kjw010)


MOC-0971 - Merc with a Mouth (by Roqsteady)


MOC-0979 - Wolfsbane (by Jason Allemann)


MOC-0981 - Wolverine's Starfighter (by plastic.ati)


MOC-0985 - Mutant Wars Memorial (by plastic.ati)


MOC-0989 - Wolvie Skycar & Speeder (by nacha)


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