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I'm going back to my youth for the next set. Friends was the biggest thing when I was around 12 and I have memories of laughing so hard I stopped breathing. When this set was announced I knew it would be one I'd get, not really for me (the nostaglia isn't THAT strong) but my wife is an absolute Friends-fanatic. It wouldn't be hard convincing her on letting me buy this set.

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Love is (was?) in the air! Grab your loved one and build this cute bear together.


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The Designer Plan is intended to provide more features beyond the Pro Plan that help MOC designers promote and sell their creations on Rebrickable. Over the last few months I've released several enhancements specific to the Designer Plan.

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Welcome to Jurassic Park...T.rex Rampage review. Ray Arnold said it best "Hold on to your butts". Upon release, this set was surrounded in a fog of controversy, but still managed to impress. I have high hopes for this set, it sure doesn't look like a six-foot turkey.

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The year 2019 is already 2 months behind us. I wanted to take a final look back on the year. Nathan already wrote a blog on stuff that was going on from the developer and admin side of the site, like traffic, new features etc. JaredHinton wrote a blog on the admin's favorite sets of the year. I want to take a look at a very import aspect of Rebrickable: YOU. Without you, Rebrickable wouldn't exist. We count on you to submit and build MOCs, and help us keep the database up-do-date and correct errors. 2019 has been the busiest year for the admin team. With the help of some graphs and numbers, I want to show how much you all have helped us.

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