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Summer is here, for most people that means Sun, Sea, and Se....Sea Creatures! 44 years ago to the day (June 20th) Jaws was released. The movie that changed the industry and created the Summer Blockbuster also tarnished the reputation of a whole species for generations. Jaws inspired me to write this but as I researched it I came across a whole host of great Sea Creature sets that weren't limited to sharks so I expanded the list.

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Today I’ll look at a scenery set: the 75229-1 Death Star Escape. This kind of sets show a scene from one of the movies, making them both nice display items, and great ways to re-enact your favourite parts of the movies.

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Alternate Builds and B-models, Sub-Sets and LEGO Idea reBuilds, together with MOVs and Modifications and Free, Premium and Freemium MOCs, these are LEGO creations that, besides Rebrickable, no other website in the world can offer you. If you have no idea what I am talking about, then allow me to review set 31086 Futuristic Flyer and show you all it creative possibilities.

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One of the mistakes LEGO made during their Dark Ages, is thinking children don't want to build, they want to play! So they made all kinds of large, single-use parts to make the build go as fast as possible, resulting is themes like Jack Stone. Many are saying, LEGO is returning to those mistakes with the 4+ (and before the Juniors) themes. Do they have a point?

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LEGO bricks in small plastic bags have been with us for almost fifty years, but the real polybags were invented in 1983 and first appeared in some fast-food restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah. Let me show you the Visual History of LEGO Polybags with a review of one of its latest examples. Beware though: reading this article might awaken your innate and ancient hunter!

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