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If you are a LEGO Technic fan, and perhaps, even if you are not, you must have noticed the incredible media campaign surrounding the introduction, on June 1st, 2018, of LEGO's latest and largest super car, Technic set 42083, the Bugatti Chiron. In the six weeks since that introduction, I have read or watched fifty or more reviews of this super set, and almost all of them, I am sorry to say, got it wrong. They review this set as if it were a regular Technic set; in other words, you build the set as fast as you can, and then you evaluate how good it looks, how good it functions, and how good it plays.

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The LEGO 10261 Roller Coaster is the latest model in the Creator Expert line, and comes in at a huge 4124 parts. But what really makes it stand out is its physical dimensions - this is a massive display piece and when combined with some motorisation it really draws a crowd. But it is any good?

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Starting from June I will be introducing a monthly raffle. I will be giving away a prize every month to a randomly selected Pro or Designer Plan user. There is no cost to entering the raffle, other than the standard Pro/Designer Plan upgrade cost. Free Plan users might still be eligible for a chance to win from July onwards via special criteria, but I will provide more details on that another time.

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I've been thinking about adding this feature for years, but I kept putting it off as too hard and too low priority. I've finally gone ahead and added it primarily to assist the admin team with discussing submitted change requests etc. However, I'm sure it will find some good use outside of that.

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During March/April we were running an Alternate Build contest based on the Creator theme. I'm pleased to announce we have finally decided on the winners!

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