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How would you like your MOC to appear on LEGO's social media pages such as Facebook or Instagram?

The LEGO Community Team are seeking certain themed MOCs to be featured on their social media pages for special events throughout April and May.

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In Part 1 I covered how to find and buy the parts you will need to build this LEGO SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket. In this post, I will cover the build process and review the actual model.

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The Rebrickable-hosted Premium MOCs feature was introduced in late 2017 when Mocplans shut down. There were thousands of LEGO fans who needed access to the building instructions they had purchased, so Rebrickable started hosting them. At the same time, it became possible to submit new MOCs using this hosting method. This is now our preferred way of hosting Premium MOCs (vs self-hosted where the designer has to serve the files and handle payments), and so I have spent a lot of time lately focusing on improvements to make it fully competitive with other digital sales platforms out there.

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LEGO’s core business is, as we all know, selling toys. But over the years, LEGO has grown beyond that. For instance, after the Dark Ages, LEGO started realizing, that it’s not just children that build with the bricks, but a lot of adults are too. This resulted in themes like Modular buildings and Architecture. When LEGO introduced Mindstorms back in 1998, it was meant to get children interested in programming. But it were the adults (and teens) that picked up this theme, and when they found out the limitations that the first Mindstorms software had, they quickly climbed behind their keyboards and started writing their own custom software. (Luckily LEGO learned from them, and improved the system, cooperating with the creative minds, instead of keeping everything ‘in house’).

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In 2017, LEGO introduced the PoweredUp system, as a successor of the standard InfraRed (IR) + Power Functions system. It uses BlueTooth as a connection, making it much more expandable compared to the limited IR, that’s limited to 8 channels. Also, this means the system can be connected to a smartphone, tablet or PC/laptop, that has a BlueTooth connection.

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